Screen Printing

Screen Printing

A tried and tested decoration technique perfect for achieving great detail on garments.  Screen-printing is based on the colours needed in the design.

How To Calculate Print Colours

Dark Polyester Garments

A charcoal-based dye-blocking under-print is required to stop loose dye particles in the garment from leeching into your print.  This is achieved by adding 1 colour to your design.

Dark Cotton Garments

If WHITE is not already included in your design, it will need to be added (with the addition of another colour to your chosen print).





















Can I decorate multiple positions?

Yes, this is no problem at all.  If you are wanting the same design in more than 1 location – volume discounts will still apply (10x shirts with a logo in 2 positions = 20x QTY prints).  2x different logos will be QTY 10 (twice).

Minimum Embroidery

We offer printing with a minimum order quantity of 10 units per design.  Discounts apply as order volume increases.

Do I get to approve the embroidery before production?

Yes, we have 2 stage approval.  The first to finalise the design colours/size and placement.  The 2nd approval is to approve the embroidery file that is created for you.

Do I need to pay a setup cost?

Yes, for every colour and print position – meaning a 2 colour print in 2 positions (different designs) will be 4x setup cost.  All repeat production (printing that has already been set up and used within the past 12 months, attracts half price setup costs).

How long does screen-printing add to my order?

From confirmation of order, we find that the process is typically a 15 working day process (to allow the transfer of stock from interstate, printing set up and completion.

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